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Here’s what people are saying about Kevin Lundy. (updated 1/23/2018)

I would enjoy taking any classes he teaches. He was knowledgeable and patient when going over some technical aspects of the topics. His sense of humor helped keep the tone light and relaxed which added to the learning experience.

It is evident that he is excited about data. He presented it enthusiastically, which helped because it is a topic that could have easily been dry. Kevin demonstrated the importance of the material and related it to his own experiences.

Kevin made an excellent case regarding the importance of data in the modern fire service. It helped set the stage for the programs we utilized.

Deputy Chief Lundy was an excellent instructor. He was very patient and understanding. He related the material to both the new user and to the experienced user. He offered practical experience to supplement class material without boasting. Chief Lundy is approachable and accepting of all students and wants to see them learn. He had a command of the technology and it was obvious he was well prepared. Class when Chief Lundy taught was interesting and educational.

Kevin was a very good educator. He has a deep knowledge of the program and a passion for the subject.

Kevin is a fantastic instructor. He is patient, well organized and describes the goals and objectives well. He answers questions fully and is very competent. One of the best instructors I have.

Kevin has this material down. I felt we were only scratching the surface of what he could teach us.

Terrific instructor…great voice, mannerisms, encouraging, patient, and understanding.

Very knowledgeable! Awesome and inspirational!!!

Kevin truly enjoyed passing on his knowledge of this subject. He was extremely helpful whenever he was called on for a question or assistance in this subject matter.

Great instructor, can not wait to be in another class.

Instilled confidence and encouraged students leading to an overall feeling of satisfaction and understanding. Also made students feel comfortable in the learning process, especially those of us that were new to the process.

Kevin has an excellent delivery style. Not only does he display a high level of technical knowledge of the material, he made the material interesting, encouraged discussion and maintained a very positive attitude. Kevin displayed the ability to present somewhat technical information (software) is an understandable way to ensure all could master and retain the material.

Great job keeping the class engaged. Really good pace considering how different levels of technology use were present. Made the material interesting and engaging. Really enjoyed your class and style!

Well organized and knowledgeable. Had good command of the class.

Kevin, was a great instructor and really had a great deal of knowledge in terms of NFIRS, I also thought he was patient and took time to make sure every student new what they were doing.

Extremely knowledgeable on NFIRS and went above and beyond to help students with questions and problems.

Chief Lundy knew the material extremely well and it was obvious that he has a great deal of passion for the subject matter.

Very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about improving the fire services data.

Kevin is very knowledgeable on this subject matter and is an effective instructor.

Kevin was very patient and informative in presenting the material and lab sessions. He did not hesitate to answer questions or show how to navigate areas of technology. I enjoyed his class tremendously.

Very knowledgeable about NFIRS and data. Maybe slow down a little for some people not as fast as himself.

He was very informative about the NFIRS system in general. He did an excellent job at making everyone successful data champions. His knowledge of Excel along with his ability and willingness to teach it makes him an asset to any class he is qualified to teach.

Kevin was very patient as we had many students that working with the tables was new. Anytime someone asked to review he would do it and ensure that we were all on task (me). I felt that his passion for the program showed throughout the week.

Kevin was excellent at handling the classroom. He was professional and approachable. Outstanding job keeping us moving together through the curriculum.

Very talented and was able to keep the class engaged.

Kevin is an easy person to learn from. He presents the information in a comfortable manner. He obviously knows the topic.

Well versed in NFIRS. Answered all questions in a timely manner. Great resource for future questions/issues

Great job! Very interesting instructor!

Excellent job, especially when clarifying questions and information. This subject matter cannot be easy to teach, especially to a group such as ours. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Extremely knowledgeable, you can tell he truly loves data. He is my champion!

Kevin is a huge asset to this institution and especially this program. Thank you for being so humble in your delivery of the material.

Kevin was very familiar with the class material and know how to present and to work with the students at all levels of the spectrum

Kevin proved to be very polite, professional and well educated on the course materials and was able to convey the information to students.

He was able to make an often dry subject engaging, useful and fun.

Very good knowledge and skills with this program. Knew the materials and if he didn’t have the answer he was able to get it and pass it along in an understand format. Excellent!

Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and delivered the material clearly. Not sure what else to say other than he was fantastic!

Awesome Job! I would certainly take another class from him.

Extremely smart and energetic. Really knows his stuff. Probably the best instructor that I have had at the NFA. This is my 6th on-site course

Great job Kevin, I really enjoyed your teaching style, pace, and enthusiasm about the topic.

Kevin was absolutely great!

He was great at presenting real experience, using humor, and connecting with students. I never felt dumb asking him a question.

I like how Kevin utilized students ideas to share with how you can use NFIRS data and pivot tables to determine answers to questions many have not considered.

Unbelievable ability to instruct a somewhat difficult topic. Not only did he have the technical knowledge but he displayed a large degree of patience and desire to help each student.

Kevin is a great instructor and thankfully for me, he is very patient.

Kevin was a strong leader and resource in the classroom. It was very apparent that he believed in his work and he clearly communicated the coursework. I would take another course from this instructor.

Keep doing what you are doing. Your interaction with the students and methods use to clarify the course content are highly effective.

Kevin did a great job at presenting the material and made it easy to understand. He made himself available after class for questions, also.

Great to have an actual on the line Chief Officer with his level of passion towards data.

Instructor Lundy has an approachable instruction style. He is all about the data!