Achieving Success Through Knowledge

Big questions for BIG DATA!

Does your department keep electronic records of all its’ activities? Have you ever asked why you keep those records? Have you ever asked your data the following questions?

• How do your non-emergency activates affect your emergency activities? 
• Are you using the correct resources for your nonemergent activities or are you using the resources that are convenient?
• How do your non-emergency activities affect your budget?
• Are your training programs effective in improving your emergency operations? Can you prove it?
• Not all shifts and districts fight fire the same way. What shift actually does a better job?
• Are your fire prevention efforts actually making a difference in your citizen’s life or just impacting your budget and emergency activities?
• Does your Emergency Medical Services make a difference in your community?

What would happen if your city leaders asked you this right now? Give us solid, up-to-date data on-demand, along with what measurable results our city, county, or fire jurisdiction is getting for its fire service dollars.

How long would it take you to get these answers? How accurate would they be? Would it include the measurable results on:

• Equipment Maintenance (are you using the right equipment, most cost-effective equipment) Can you prove it with your data?
• Training Programs?
• Staffing and apparatus resource deployment?
• Fire property saved?
• Health and wellness programs?
• The Economic impact the fire department is having in your jurisdiction?

If you have a complete Record Management System, you should be able to get these answers within minutes, not days.

You have BIG DATA, do you know how to use it? Is it up-to-date and accurate?

Let KLT show you how to get the most out of your data!